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the butcher clan ~ mmst-sizzle!

do your homework!

The Butcher Clan
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Why butcher_clan?
This community was founded to give Butcher kids a place to come and talk about the day, ask for homework help, point out odd things about our teachers, whine about homeschool problems, discuss weird substitutes, and other good stuff.

Let Me In!
To join our community, simply click here. I efficientgumby have made an executive descion and made the journal open, and you can start posing right away. HOWEVER, be warned, if you're in here to be stupid, disrespectful or...anything else bad, I can ban you.

* Holding a membership signifies your acceptance of all community rules.
* Upon joining, post in the Clan Directory.
* Keep the politics to a minimum. (cf. 56541)
* Under no circumstances may pictures of Warren Consolidated employees appear in the Clan. Posting them is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, and the poster may be expelled from school. (cf. 59383)
* Be nice to fellow members, classmates not in the Clan (they can and do still visit LJ, I promise), and the teachers (same goes for them, guaranteed).
* Suspension of posting rights, loss of membership, and banning are at the discretion of the maintainers and moderators.
* Questions or comments? Post in the comm, post in a maintainer/moderator journal, or e-mail a maintainer or moderator.

founder: mike moonsunmonsoon (moonsunmonsoon@gmail.com)
maintainer and moderator: kelly efficientgumby

Please direct comments and concerns to the moderator, who manages this journal.

Anything on this or linked webpages is not representative of the opinions of the MMSTC, its faculty, students, or staff. Individual posters are fully responsible for the content they post herein.

Persons outside the cult may join and post comments but not post entries.